3rd Partnership meeting in Switzerland

3rd INCOM-VET project Development of Intercultural Competence of Students and Trainers in EU VET institutions No. LLP-LDV-TOI-2013-LT-0145 partnership meeting took place in Switzerland, Lugano, on the 08th and 09th of September, 2014. Venue of the both days of the meeting was in ECAP Ticino. After the welcome speech of accepting partner P4 Mr. Furio Bednarz (ECAP/ Switzerland) coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis (Vilnius Builders Training Centre/ VSRC, Lithuania) explained aims and objectives of the 3rd Partnership meeting in Switzerland. All partners agreed to present and discuss draft products of packages WP1, WP2,WP3 and the website, analyze and approve future testing process and living labs interim report, recommendations on how to improve the work of LLs during first session day, leaving analysis of interim results and planning visits to Germany and Estonia for the next session day.

Partners of this Project made detailed presentations on their work packages presenting the draft for testing:

(P1) Assoc. Prof. Julita Navaitienė, WP1: Adaptation of transfer material and production of methodological material “Development of Intercultural Competence.

(P2) Ms. Deimantė Končiuvienė, WP2: Development of Intercultural Competence. Handbooks for VET trainers and students.

(P3) Mr. Furio Bednarz, WP 3: Examples of learning material, practical tasks, case studies, videos.

(P7): Ms. Susanna Kyösti, WP VI. Development of testing structure, performance of testing and generalization of the outcomes.

(P0): Ms. Inga Korlienė, WP VII: INCOM-VET website (Creation of the Project website, its testing, improvement, presentation) www.incom-vet.eu. Presentation of the draft for testing.

(P6) Mr. Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt, WP IV: Living labs for the interactive development of intercultural competence. Interim Report, recommendations on how to improve the work of LLs.

Finalizing presentations partners had a discussion and summary of the results of the first day. At the end of the 1st day session the welcome cultural dinner in Lugano was organized.

Second work session started by presentation of (P5) Ms. Helju Virunurm, WP VIII: Dissemination. Valorization: transferability and recognition: interim results, future work, problem solving, the newsletter No.2 of this INCOM-VET project. (P3) Ms. Emanuela Sebastiani, presented WP V: Quality Assurance of Deliverables (Quality assurance plan) interim results No.1 , future work, problem solving.

Manager of this Project Ms. Renata Černeckienė presented requirements and deadlines for submitting financial documentation for Interim Report. Coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis presented Requirements and deadlines for submitting activity reports for Interim Report

After commonly agreeing on tasks to be completed by 4th Partnership meeting the second working day was finalized by a discussion of all final questions and clarifications. By the common agreement the third INCOM-VET project partner meeting will take place in Finland on 9th and10th of February, 2015. Minutes and full presentations of the partners of the 3rd partnership meeting can be found in internal work environment of this website.

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