5th Partnership meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany

Partners of this project gathered for the meeting on 19th-20th of May, 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany for the fifth time. After quick and warm welcome speech of Mr. Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt (BZB/ Germany) coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis (VSRC/ Lithuania) quickly overviewed agenda and in detail explained aims and objectives of the 5th Partnership meeting in Germany. Ms. Susanna Kyosti (Sataedu/ Finland) overviewed and analyzed report on failures and recommendations for improvements, what partners had committed themselves to implement and whether implemented in final versions of products. Assoc. prof. Julita Navaitienė (LEU/Lithuania), assoc. prof. Violeta Rimkevičienė (LEU/Lithuania) and Ms. Daiva Račelytė (LEU/Lithuania) presented and analyzed the final version of INCOM-VET product “Methodology for development of intercultural competence”. Ms. Deimantė Končiuvienė (PANKO/Lithuania), Ms. Dalia Urbonienė (PANKO/Lithuania) and Mr. Furio Bednarz (ECAP/ Switzerland) presented and analyzed the final versions of INCOM-VET products “Development of intercultural competence: handbook for teachers and trainers” and “Development of intercultural competence: handbook for students and apprentices”. After presentations of above mentioned products by their authors were made, all partners of this project had productive discussion, came to final common agreement that all tasks and goals were reached, planned needed recommended corrections and improvements were implemented successfully, products are of perfect quality.  After short coffee brake partners had an opportunity to learn from best practices, to observe organization of vocational training during round tour in BZB. After useful tour in BZB 1 st day session proceeded, Ms. Helju Virunurm (IVK/ Estonia) analyzed and discussed dissemination of project products via all available communication channels, project results to policy makers and newsletters No3 and No4.  Coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis (VSRC/ Lithuania) summarized the discussion. Mr. Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt (BZB/ Germany) and Ms. Erica Maria López Lasheras (BZB/ Germany) presented and analyzed the final version of INCOM-VET surplus product “LivingLabs for the interactive development of intercultural competence” .In the evening accepting partners organized Düsseldorf‘s diversity and variety revealing tour in stunningly redeveloped section of the city’s old port Neue Zollhof through Düsseldorf’s Rhine Embankment Promenade to Düsseldorf’s Old Town (Altstadt) finishing it in traditional regional cuisine pub.

Coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis (VSRC/ Lithuania) started second work session with important questions of design and publishing of INCOM-VET products. Manager of this project Ms. Renata Černeckienė (VSRC/ Lithuania) overviewed and explained requirements for financial reporting. All financial questions of all the partners were sorted out and solved. The second working day was finalized, all final questions were answered and all needed clarifications were made.

The final meeting will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. Arrival is on 9th of September, 2015. International valorization conference is planned for 10th of September. Final submission of the documents for the 11th of September, 2015.

Minutes and full presentations of the partners of the fifth partnership meeting can be found in internal work environment of this website.

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