Final partneship meeting in Tallinn, Estonia

Partners of this project gathered for the meeting on 9th-11th of September, 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia for the sixth and the final time. International valorization conference was planned for 10th of September. Venue took place at Radisson Hotel Olümpia, Liivalaia 33,Tallinn, Estonia.

After warm welcome speech of Mr. Hannes Mets, the Principle of Ida-Virumaa Vocational Training Centre, (accepting partner P5 IVK/ Estonia) coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis (VSRC/ Lithuania) presented and quickly analyzed results of this project- delivered products. Acquainted with the products welcome words expressed representative of the National Agency of Estonia Sa Archimedes Ms. Made Kirtsi and representative of National Foundation of Estonia Sa Innove Ms. Lea Orro. During coffe break participants had opportunity to familiarize with graphic recording technique by Ms. Siiri Taimla. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Julita Navaitienė from Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences presented and analyzed Methodology for development of intercultural competence by by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Julita Navaitienė, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Violeta Rimkevičienė, Daiva Račelytė. Ms. Deimantė Končiuvienė and Mr. Egidijus Žukauskas from Panevėžys College, Lithuania presented and analyzed Development of intercultural competence: handbook for students and apprentices prepared by Deimantė Končiuvienė, Dalia Urbonienė, Egidijus Žukauskas. Mr. Furio Bednarz from Institute for Lifelong Learning and Research , Switzerland presented and analyzed Development of intercultural competence: handbook for teachers and trainers prepared by himself. Also Ms. Érika María López Lasheras and Mr. Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt from Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e. V., Germany presented and analyzed surplus product of this project – the methodology of how to work with living laboratories, prepared by themselves.

After lunch hour and during all conference to take a glance at graphic recording by Ms. Siiri Taimla was innovative way to rethink and analyze everything once again for the participants of this final conference.

Prof. Maria Giovanna Onorati, Ms. Emanuela Sebastiani and Ms. Cecilia Lazzarotto from University of Valle d’Aosta, Italy presented and analyzed Quality Assurance of Deliverables reports. Ms. Helju Virunurm from Ida-Virumaa Vocational Training Centre, Estonia analyzed and made conclusions for Dissemination of Project products via all available communication channels and presentation of Project results to policy makers. Ms. Inga Korlienė from Vilnius Builders Training Centre, Lithuania briefly presented and analyzed this Project‘s final products online learning materials delivery at INCOM-VET website / EN, LT, DE, EE, FI. Mr. Marko Kemppinen and Ms. Susanna Kyosti from SATAEDU Vocational Training Centre, Finland presented and analyzed final evaluations of the Project deliverables by internal and external experts. After all presentations were finished project manager Ms. Renata Černeckienė and project coordinator Mr. Ivaras Giniotis summed up the conference. Ms. Helju Virunurm coordinated all organizational issues.

Next morning INCOM-VET project partners were able to visit a vocational training centre Tallinna Teeninduskool in Tallinn, Estonia- . It was not only meeting target group of this project, sharing best practice in this institution, this visit gave new ideas and thoughts for future projects to the partners.

After visit partners gathered for the final discussion and setting the final points of the project:

  • intellectual property guidelines to the contract;
  • submission of financial documents;
  • contribution to the Final report, etc.

Visual summary of the Tallinn meeting by Ms. Helju Virunurm Jõhvi, Estonia 15.09.2015

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