4th Partnership meeting in Finland, Kokemäki

Partners of this project gathered for the meeting on 10th-11th of February, 2015 in Kokemäki, Finland for a fourth time. After welcome speeches of accepting organization SATAEDU director Mr. Matti Isokallio and director of development Mr. Veli-Matti Vuori, coordinator of this project Mr. Ivaras Giniotis (Vilnius Builders Training Centre/ VSRC, Lithuania) quickly overviewed agenda and in detail explained aims and objectives of the 4th Partnership meeting in Finland.

Partners analyzed implementation of testing of INCOM-VET products (WP1, WP2, WP3), outcomes and proposals for improvement, overviewed INCOM-VET project evaluation by internal experts and proposals for improving the work, analyzed WP 4 Living labs for the interactive development of intercultural competence and organized two working groups to discuss final products and to prepare details for the translation process during first session day.

At the end of the 1st day session traditional finish smoke sauna and welcome dinner were organized by the accepting partner.

Finalizing final versions of products, overview of dissemination, valorization and the newsletter No.3 of INCOM-VET project, also, presentation of Quality assurance plan, conclusions and comments of the Interim report by Lithuanian NA and tasks to be completed by 5th Partnership meeting in Germany were left for the next session day.

The second working day was finalized by a discussion, all final questions were answered and all needed clarifications were made. Tour in VET institution SATAEDU was organized by the accepting partner.

Third newsletter will be released by the responsible Estonian partner Ms.Helju Virunurm in the mid of May, 2015. Newsletter No 3 in EN, LT, DE, EE, IT, FI, FR will be uploaded in news of this site, also it will be sent to your e-mail if you are subscribing our news.

By the common agreement the fifth INCOM-VET project partner meeting will take place in Dusseldorf 19th -20th of May, 2015.

Minutes and full presentations of the partners of the fourth partnership meeting can be found in internal work environment of this website.

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